The Whey It Is

The summer months are a time of rejuvenation and family fun, and many of us feel we can stop using key nutritional products and supplements that can benefit us year round. But there is one product you should never neglect

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“Wheying” The Need For Protein This Summer

One consequence of lowering your protein intake is that you lose muscle mass. This in turn lowers your metabolic rate and can consequently increase your chances of storing body fat. Protein is unique from a weight loss perspective in that

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Sugar Alcohols In Protein Bars

Sugar Alcohols: Are These Low-Calorie Ingredients Good or Bad? A group of ingredients that’s getting more and more common in the supplements we buy (and that I often get asked about) is a category of nutrients called “sugar alcohols.” The

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Protein – Building a Stronger You

The word protein is from the Greek proteios, or “holding first place.” Protein is an essential building block of life itself and deserved of the title “holding first place”. With so many protein choices available how are we to choose?

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Find Your “Whey” To Health

What is Protein? Protein provides the building blocks of life and is a part of every cell in your body. When you eat protein, your digestive system breaks it down into single amino acids that are then rearranged into new

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